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Rape in Iran prisons

Student leader Majid Tavakoli, who has been jailed since late last year, has written a letter from Rajai Shahr prison near Tehran, pointing to the use of torture, rape and mock executions as instruments to intimidate political activists. His letter is another testimony to the use of “rape” against activists since the post-election protests in 2009. Other activists have also revealed after their release that they were raped while in detention.

To discredit him, authorities claimed Mr. Tavakoli was disguised as a woman at the time of his arrest on December 7, 2009. In his support, men wore headscarves in Iran at Universities and hundreds around the world posted their pictures in headscarves in a campaign on Facebook. He has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. Here is an excerpt of the letter written on September 15 and now translated and posted on Tavaana, an educational Web site that works with civil society in Iran.

“After all that violence, all that betrayal, all that mediocrity; after all those forced confessions and all those show trials, false interviews, tortures, solitary confinements, rapes, summary justice and executions; after all the slandering and cynicism, hope is still alive and our people are still hopeful and eagerly awaiting the day when their enemies, who are the enemies of democracy and freedom and human rights, are denounced and unveiled and their faces are known to all.”



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October 8, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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